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Life kept giving us citrus, so we made a line of artisan dressings and sauces. Yeah, we’re also wondering why we didn’t think of this before. Here’s to making your everyday recipes feel fresh and adding a beloved citrus dynamic to your plate.

Everyday circle

Savor the Sunkist® Sauces & Dressings variety that turns everyday foods into flavorful fiestas. This unique flavor family provides a palette for every meal of the day, so you can take a plain plate and create a gourmet dish, in a matter of minutes.

Throw lemons back at life with these recipes:

  • Mix Mimosa with a roasted vegetable bowl
  • Combine Blueberry Chipotle with mayo to create an aioli sauce and spread on a chicken sandwich or turkey burger
Dinner circle

One less accessory to think about for tonight’s dinner or next weekend’s gathering. It’s as easy as using it as a finishing sauce or serving a bottle along with your meal.

How to zest up your spread:

Smallbites circle

We believe the last ingredient is almost as important as the first (hence why we created a line of delicious sauces and dressings). Orange you glad you can entertain guests with these new flavors? Dip or top almost any dish like appetizers, snacks, and charcuterie.

Give your dish a refresh:

  • Complete a charcuterie or Caprese salad with Mandarin Fig
  • Dip potstickers in Orange Sesame or add to a quick salad with slaw mix & sesame crackers