Sunkist Sauces | For Retailers

A ripe new addition to your sauces
and dressings aisle.

If these sauces could speak for themselves, they would say “pick me.” After all, nothing says irresistible like Sunkist® Sauces & Dressings. Whether it’s among the artisan dressings in your fresh grab & go refrigerated section or part of your shelf-stable selection aisle, Sunkist® Sauces & Dressings are sure to catch eyes and create more traffic.

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The colorful packaging draws them in, the clear claims help seal the deal, and the unique flavors keep them coming back. It also doesn’t hurt that the trusted name Sunkist® is right out front for all to see.

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The fact is, citrus flavors are expected to grow globally over 5% through 2030 (Citrus Flavors Market Study). Add the name Sunkist®, and these masterful creations are certain to get picked over again and again.