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It’s the perfect pairing of citrus and sauce. Sokol has combined its co-manufacturing and development expertise with the citrus ingredients that have made Sunkist® a favored name in stores and homes across the nation. This collection of citrusy, zesty sauces and dressings features eight unique flavor pairings that, together, only Sokol and Sunkist could create.

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We didn’t just whip some flavors together, willy nilly. These culinary masterpieces were artisanally crafted by some of the industry’s top chefs to bring the flavor combinations that are making it big in today’s culinary circles right into your kitchen.

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The story of Sunkist® Sauces & Dressings really goes back to 1893, when Sunkist first began growing citrus. Then, in 1974, Sunkist branched out big me — licensing its name to all sorts of quality products. Fast forward to today when Sokol, after 125 years of specializing in spices, flavors and sauces, brings Sunkist® Sauces & Dressings to set the sauce world spinning with this uniquely invigorating collection of flavor combinations. And tastebuds lived happily ever after.